Living in the clouds in Vietnam

Have you ever heard there is one place in Vietnam where you could wake up in the clouds?

Look!!! Here you are!!! 

The view from my hotel

I know it looks wonderful, right? I woke up every day during my trip with this amazing view, I thought that I should buy this hotel to enjoy the fairy landscape for the rest of my life (kidding 😛 )


It belongs to the North-West of Vietnam where the weather is always cool and fresh (but a bit cold in the winter). It is quite difficult to reach this place, it took me quite long time because I started from Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city) to Hanoi, and from Hanoi my private driver drove 5 hours to Lao Cai and from there I had to continue with a funny taxi driver in 30 minutes on the crazy serpentine pass road to arrive the “fairy” destination. I guess you ask me why I didn’t go with my private driver still the end right? Yeah, because ONLY the local driver know how to pass the barriers on the road, it is dangerous and looks inscrutable with the thick fog.

This thick fog

The wheel is rolling, rolling… we are driving up to the hill and luckily the fog is thinner, we could see clearly the landscape. On the road, you easy to meet some friendly buffalos which are walking down the street very slowly, sometimes trying to get through your taxi windows and ask for food. Cute huh?

The wonderful landscape
Hello, buffalo!

After 30 minutes, we arrive at my hotel where stand on a highland in the town. I go to the reception for check-in, the receptionist welcomes me with a nice smile and bonuses a baby in her arms. She gives me the key and guides me to the room. Finally, I can take a rest now, but… I’m impressed with the VIEW. I’m so lucky to have this room with the Valley view on the 5th floor. I feel I could touch the clouds and imagine that I’m living in the clouds. It’s so great!!!


The garden balcony at my hotel
Mountain view every morning
Life in amazing town


Nonstop at these gorgeous landscapes, I try to discover more this town. 15 minutes walk from my hotel, I see a big square with many ethnic people, some are taking rest and some kids are chasing each other for fun. I come closer to see their colorful costumes, they look glorious. Perhaps the cool weather here makes their skin rubicundity and everyone has rosy-cheeked. They give me a friendly smile and wave at me as they want to say Hi. But actually, they try to sell the souvenir bracelets. The little bracelet made by florid threads, they explain it means lucky and can be your guardian. So I have a dream that one day I will win the lottery then I buy a lot haha, but only 5k VND (20 cents €) per one. The people, they are Hmong ethnic by the way.

The Hmong kids are trying to sell the souvenir bracelets to me
Take a rest and chat chit at the square
Hmong Mom & her kids at the square
View from the square
The Rock church next to the square


The main dishes are the highlands foods hence they are fresh and from nature. I like the way the local people making food here, it looks very simple but still in an interesting recipe as the rice in a bamboo and the delicious salmon hotpot mixed with corn.

Fried corn, fried potato, eggs, bamboo rice (rice Lam) and hot tea in a small shop on the road
Fresh Salmon from the waterfall
Bamboo rice
Bamboo rice inside
BBQ & Hotpot selections
Salmon hotpot

I’m sure that you are excited to visit this place now. So where is it?


Known as one of the most very beautiful places in Vietnam, Sapa doesn’t make me disappointed. I’m impressed how the Mother Nature created this world, the mighty mountains, the gorgeous landscape. I’m proud of my country that we still protect and develop the beautiful place like Sapa, and we always welcome you, everyone from everywhere to visit Vietnam.

I hope you will have an opportunity to visit Sapa soon!

Enjoy the perfect view!

Hotel: Cat Cat View


-Vietjet Air

– Private car (or bus from Hanoi)

– Taxi

(The pictures are copyright protected by Alineinhappyland)


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  1. Len Kagami says:

    A lovely post! Btw, Chúc mừng năm mới 🙂 Best wishing from me.


    1. Thank you!!! Chúc mừng năm mới. Hope you will have more success in new year 😉

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