“Daddy, I want to fly like a bird.”

“Ok, be yourself then you can fly everywhere you want.”


That was a conversation between my father and me when I was six years old. In my heart, he is a Hero, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and Richest man of love in the world. I know that I overstate, but that is what I feel with him. From a low-income family, my dad had to walk to school 10km every day at 5 am, ate rice soup every day with soy sauce, and became a garbage picker, ice cream seller to earn money for paying school fees when he was very young. But today, he owns five trucks, two houses, and an excellent business with beautiful wife, three lovely children, and one granddaughter. How could he do it?  His answer is “I believe in myself that I can do it.” 


I’m so lucky that my family has an open mind, they think I should study other languages when I was young because I could do it easier, and I could have more chance in future for education or career. They gave me an opportunity to study in a French Bilingual program where I learned French, subjects in French, and Western culture when I was five years old. I followed that program at the age of 14 ‘till the second year in University. Before, I was heartbroken with this program, why? Because it took me a lot of time, studied 10 hours per day at school, felt like hell, no time for hanging out with friends, I didn’t even have a chance to learn any English course (I learned English three years ago). I thought nowadays French is not famous anymore, everyone speaks English, why do I need to spend time for this? But I was wrong, Everything you learn has value in your life. After all, I realized that my French knowledge helps me in many ways, as finding a job, networking with the French public, even getting free VIP ticket for festival music because of a good friendship with French DJ. I do attract some handsome French men because I can speak French LOL.


After my second year in University, I got the bad news that I had to study my specialist course in English, which before I thought would be in Vietnamese or French, and you know the worse things is “I only learned French before.” I get stressed, I did not find out the solution for this because I already spent two years in this school, I didn’t want to waste my time, I had a fear that I couldn’t graduate in time, and it would make my plan slow down. One day, I decided to come to my Public Relation teacher and asked her “Dear Miss, I’m from a French Bilingual program, I’m terrible in English, I don’t even know the basic grammar, and could you please prioritize me for this course?” I thought she would understand me, but NO, she was upset and told me “You will never be successful if you ask someone to give you a priority, you should make an effort for yourself.” I did not feel mad with her judgment; I felt bad for myself, then I went to an English training Centre and got registered to the primary course. Hence, you are reading my English blog right now.


Even I graduated a year early 


People say “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” It is true, right now, when I’m writing this post, my brain thinks I’m sharing my story like we are having a conversation, and you are listening attentively. I enjoy writing; I don’t feel that I’m working hard even when I sat 12 hours every day, writing and working online. Because I love my job, I work voluntarily; this is my dream life, that I could work and travel at the same time. I have defined my life never to stay in 1 country since when I was young; I thought I could live in many countries around the world, travel, discover new cultures, and make new friends. This sounds perfect, everyone I met told me same things, but how many people could make it real? The first reason is they did not commit to a real plan in following their dream, perhaps it is not their dream, and they just follow other people’s plan that they think it is a perfect idea. Find your real goal, then make an effort to achieve it while you live with it, you will never wake up at 40 with the bitter realisation that you’ve wasted your life on a job you hate because you were focused wrongly on a career from teenage age.

IMG_2522 Working at the pool 


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